Finding content and topic ideas for your blog posts doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 12 places you can find information to help you get started, point your writers in the right direction, or add more depth to your content.

1. YouTube

use youtube for blog post content ideas

YouTube can be a valuable resource for finding information to include in your blog posts. Start by searching for keywords related to your topic. You’ll find helpful videos from niche enthusiasts and also pick up the terminology and lingo used in the niche.

Additionally, if you want to go even deeper and get some original research, you can use YouTube to find experts to interview for your blog.
If you reach out to the creators, you’ll find that most are willing to participate in an interview!

If you just want to grab the data and go, quick and dirty, check out the free Chrome extension, YT Scribe.

2. Reddit

use reddit for blog post content ideas

Find the right subreddit in your niche, and you will be inundated with content and topic ideas from real people within the niche!

3. Quora

Quite similar to Reddit, but you can ask questions, answer questions (incorrectly. And wait for some expert to correct you 😏), and get brand new topic ideas.

You can look at the volume of the engagement, also, to gauge whether a topic is hot or not.

4. The Library

Jasper Art rendered image of a library

Take a stroll down to your local library and ask them what resources they have on X, or go rummage through some books. Who knows, you may even get a whole new niche idea!

5. Project Gutenberg

You can find content for your blog in Project Gutenberg if you are looking to write about an evergreen topic or niche. The website has thousands of free eBooks available.

6. Internet Archives

You can find an abundance of content on as well as other media such as videos, images and audio that you can use.

7. Podcasts

Speed it up and take notes!

One of the best ways to get original content is by listening in on podcasts. You can find some interesting opinions and topics that will help you flesh out your blog post.

You’ll need to jot dow your notes while listening, but you can find some real gems by listening to top-rated podcasters within any niche.

8. Product Manuals

For some reason, both blog owners and product users don’t think to read product manuals for information. If you can find them, you can use product manuals to find information for your blog posts and get ideas for FAQs.

If you are blogging about a particular product, it is always a good idea to consult the manual before writing your post. These manuals are typically full of useful information, including product specifications, troubleshooting tips, and maintenance procedures.

Best of all, since the product manufacturers write them, you can be confident that the information is accurate.

9. Google Books

10. The Wayback Machine

11. Your Competitor’s Sources

12. Buzzsumo

Start your 30-day free Buzz Sumo trial and check it out for yourself.

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