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7 Sites – 1 Main Focus – Scaling Up The Right Way

When I set out to create a portfolio of sites, my main reason was to have multiple web properties ( I see each site as a piece of digital real estate).

Despite being spread thin, I am glad I took this route and have built them to a point where I can let them sit and marinate while I focus my efforts on my most promising site(s).

Focusing On One Site

For those that don’t know, Google takes a little while before it begins to show your articles to searchers. Something unofficially termed “The Google Sandbox”.

I have learned so many new things with each domain I registered, and have now built systems to help me scale my portfolio up – but first I need to channel all my energy into just one site.

In all truth, I have heard this advice many times over:

“Too many people try to create too many sites without ever focusing on one. And it kills their business before it even starts.”

I am and have always been the Jill of all trades. It’s great, it’s fun, but it is also to my detriment. So, for the first time ever, I am stepping outside of my comfort zone by reducing the noise–call me a condenser microphone on a spider mount with a pop-shield 😎.

My entire portfolio has seen some lovely growth so I am thankful.

But Site 7 is the site I am going to focus on for the next 6 months or so. I am going to handle this as a sort of case study and name this the SHINIEST OBJECT CASE STUDY (a bit of a mouthful, I know)

It is not my best earner, it is only 4 months old, but I believe it shows a lot of promise and with 171 articles on it, I still have a few hundred articles I can cover before I start scraping the bottom of the creativity barrel.

I have built this site up using the KGR method mentioned here. This method has allowed me to find very low competition and easy to rank for terms. And, while I have not skipped the Google Sandbox completely, I have been able to start getting traffic and Amazon purchases through my affiliate links rather quickly.

The Sites Stats

  • As of today, the site has 171 articles.
  • It gets over 100 views a day (well at least it has consecutively for the past week).
  • The EPMV is quite low at the moment at only $7.53
  • The average article length is 1,200 words.
  • Content spend so far – very very rough guestimate $2250

Going forwards, I am going to be logging the growth of this site over on Niche Site Project. You will be able to see very detailed breakdowns of what I am doing and have done, followed by a podcast and video interview on The Doug Show.

Doing More Of What Works

I am in love with the idea of finding, creating, and refining systems. If there is a system or a process that works and can be followed, adapted, and improved – I am interested!

Systems are the only way you can scale a business, and I have always seen this entire model as a business that I ultimately want to scale, rather than be self-employed in.

Focussing on the one site will allow me to refine my system, my templates, outsource efficiently and automate whatever can be automated.


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