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October 2021 Niche Site Income Report (7 Sites 12 Months!)

April 2022 Niche Site Portfolio Income Report

More visits…less money (ish)

My average EPMV is taking a nose dive! But here is why I am not worried…

DateVisitsEzoic Ad PartnersMediation Ad PartnersPremium Ad PartnersEarningsEPMV
2022-04 (Apr)39,728$389.91$68.81$174.88$633.59$15.95
2022-03 (Mar)33,000$413.13$9.74$169.15$592.02$17.94
2022-02 (Feb)27,386$385.53$0.00$171.88$557.41$20.35
2022-01 (Jan)23,958$346.29$0.00$177.23$523.52$21.85

Right now, site 2 makes up roughly half of my Ezoic earnings but only a third of my visits. It has the highest EPMV but it is not my fastest growing site.

Some of my newer sites are really picking up in traffic but lacking on the ad revenue front. Hence, the rise in traffic and sessions on my account but the declining EPMV (at least I think that’s why ๐Ÿค”)

Something strange is going on with Mediation, standard earnings, and Premium Earnings. It looks like they are just shifting between each other but honestly, I am not fussed. My only focus is on what I can control, and those are;

  1. Adding more content.
  2. Improving older content.


  • From Ezoic I earned $633.59 ($41.57 more than last month) from 39,728 Unique visits (6728 more than last month).
  • 47,893 Total Pageviews (7826 more than last month)
  • From Amazon, I earned a combined total of $198.89 ($25.50 more than last month)
  • From my own digital products, I earned $48.66
  • From other affiliate programs (combination of ShareASale, Awin, etc., as well as niche-specific programs) I earned $309.61

*Despite EPMV dropping each month, overall Ezoic earnings are still rising as the traffic is rising. The key takeaway here is to keep publishing and work on increasing traffic! It is the only thing you can control.

Total earnings: $1,190.75

Total spend: -$794

Expenses Include:

  • Content
  • An AppSumo treat!
  • Ezoic Premium
  • Hosting

I am going to need to keep these short and sweet for the foreseeable future for a few reasons.

a) I have so many sites. I hardly even check the analytics or earnings from a bunch of those sites because I am not actively working on them. Now and then I check GSC to ensure the traffic is still rising month after month so I may continue to include those screenshots in these reports.

b) I am already documenting my progress on the site I am working on (site 2) and the site I started my case-study with Doug on (site 7) over at Niche Site Project.


Up 50% from the previous month’s update!


In those reports, I go into depth about what I have done, what is and isn’t working, and any new revelations.

Accompanying those reports is also a video update where we discuss some of those details so it makes more sense to forward people over to that content instead!

c) I am trying to maximize productivity. I will have juicier stats to report if I can remain focused on the things that matter most; content.


I am working on something FREE that is going to blow your mind (it may be in the form of a plugin or a script)…

I am creating it because it is going to make my life and growth of all of these sites A LOT easier and it is something I want to share and give away freely to my subs and community so be sure to subscribe to the mailing list so you do not miss out on it…


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