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Skip Adsense, Make More Money With Basic Ads

Before I entered the niche site world, I had no idea that bloggers and website owners made money from ad networks outside of Adsense. 

Granted, at one point, Adsense paid so well that you needn’t worry about any other networks!

I’ve had websites for many years and used to hit that £60 payout threshold every other month if I was lucky.

Needless to say, I didn’t see website ads ever being able to pay any bills. 

It was more like an “oh… Adsense payment!” Sort of thing whilst looking at a bank statement. 

I know this is the same for most people, because every time I talk to people outside of the SEO/Affiliate marketing space, they look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I’ve been building websites to make money from ads and eventually become financially free off of it.

They are like, 👍🏾 okay, crazy lady…

Lol, jokes aside, people usually want to know how, but I lose them when I start explaining some of the aspects of it. Like ad networks and traffic sources.

And, to be fair, most of the ad networks that pay substantially higher revenue also have higher barriers to entry.

So, they are out of bounds for most hobby bloggers and businesses. They can also be quite intimidating to set up on your site in comparison to Adsense auto ads, which is off-putting.

But, what if I told you,

a) Ezoic, the premium display ad network doesn’t have those barriers to entry, and…

b) They’ve created an ad placement solution that’s as easy to set up as Adsense but pays you more. Not only that but, you could get set up with Basic Ads in less than 40 seconds?

Earn More Money From My Site In Less Than 40 Seconds!? Okay, crazy lady… 🙄

Basic Ads offers a lot of the benefits of a premium ad network (more money), but sort of in layman’s terms.

No joke, you copy and paste the ad code into the header of your site (just like you did when you set up Adsense) and you are good to go.

Okay, How Does It Work?

Simply put, it allows more advertisers to bid on ad space on your account. 

What’s The Cache?

  • it’s free
  • earnings are exponentially higher
  • get bids from both Adsense and Google AdExchange
  • your minimum threshold for payment is $20 instead of Adsense’s $100

Oh… there is no catch, sorry.

Try it out and see for yourself! At the moment there is a waitlist so make sure you get on there and don’t miss out!