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Build Site + Write 30 Posts = $,$$$ (Yay!)

That was my initial plan. Simple, clean, and easy to explain. It was only when I was on my fortnightly family Zoom chat, speaking with my brothers, that I realised how much SEO jargon I had acquired. 

I was telling them all about topical relevancy and long-tail keywords. And, not to mention Google core updates and how the algorithm can affect rankings… not even the tip of the iceberg, but sheesh!

I get it now.

I get why it took me so long to learn about SEO all of these years (and why it finally forced its way in under the guise of “blogging for passive income”)

I get why nobody wants to jump at it when I explain it to them…

It’s not sexy at all. 

And, if Income School had actually told me upfront that I would have to learn all of this stuff BEFORE starting- I might have said 🤔

But that’s just it, you never need to learn everything about a particular thing before starting. Nor do you need to learn everything about it to be successful in it. The only way to be successful is to start.

Of course, success is not guaranteed, but it’s definitely not guaranteed if you never start or you procrastinate. 

If you are a course collector or information hoarder, sitting on thousands of dollars and hours worth of content but have not started any projects of your own, my friend, something is wrong. 

I’ve found that SEO and this niche site/affiliate marketing game is largely about trying things out and then replicating what is successful. You will never know everything there is to know because nothing is static. And just like everything else, the blogging ecosystem is constantly changing. 

There could be something that worked well 6 months ago, that everybody was doing. But after a single algorithm update, it is no longer the norm and has moved from Grey Hat to Black Hat.

The fact is, if you stick at something long enough and show up every day, taking baby steps, educating yourself as you go – you are going to learn. 

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Those micro-decisions you will be making daily are what are going to lead to those macro wins. But waiting until you know everything isn’t going to lead to anything. 

My advice for anybody sitting on the fence or still trying to decide on a niche; is to pick one! Start, and learn as you go. Don’t be afraid to fail.

I know for some people the stakes are very high. Maybe you absolutely need to leave your day job or you’re trying to find the best route to make income online to become location independent and travel the world, or, whatever the case may be.

But what I’ve learned is, there is no one surefire way of doing this. I keep learning new little tips and tricks as I go, and many people have conflicting views on what works and what doesn’t.

Knowledge is infinite, but if you are not applying that knowledge – it is useless.

The best thing you can do is start, and really – with something that has such a low startup cost, like blogging – there really are no excuses.

Do’t feel intimidated when you see people taking large steps or risks that you are not in a position to take just yet. You don’t need to hire a team of writers or spend thousands on content; write the posts yourself.

Write as often as you can, whenever you can. Just be consistent and see it through.

That “Ghost Town” phase, where it seems like nothing is happening, is where most people quit and move onto something else (that they also go on to quit). Stay in the trenches and keep building forwards.

That’s it!



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