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Inspiration Board

This is my inspiration/meme board, where I will post any content that I find inspirational, captivating, or useful.

Some things will be my own creation; others will just be memes floating around online that I do not claim ownership of (nor know the source of), but a lot of my thought process can be attributed to this booklist.

Daily Affirmations

When I am living my purpose and in alignment with my authentic self, I wake up full of ideas. And these ideas don’t just stay with me during the day; they also travel with me into my dreams.

It’s almost as if my subconscious mind is working on solutions while I sleep. As a result, I often have brilliant insights when I first wake up in the morning. But it’s not just about having good ideas.

It’s about having the courage to act on them. Too often, we let our fears get in the way of our dreams.

We allow self-doubt to creep in and stop us from taking risks. But when we are living our purpose, we know that taking risks is essential for growth.