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My Resources

These are just some of the resources I use to help me grow, scale and manage my blogging business. Some of these are my affiliate links, which means, if you do sign up or use their service, I may get a commission (at no extra cost to you).

If you are looking for my free blog post and hiring templates and scripts,
those are ๐Ÿ‘‰here๐Ÿ‘ˆ.

Web Hosting


Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting company that provides high-quality and affordable services.

They offer customers WordPress, Magento, and other open-source CMS hosting solutions.

You can pay for one server and run multiple sites on it, upgrading as and when you need. The best part is you are only charged for what you use.

I tend to hold multiple servers and only host a couple or a few sites on each. If one server goes bad or gets attacked, all sites are vulnerable!


Namecheap offers both cheap domain names and hosting for your website. When you are managing and starting multiple sites that you want to test out, a cheap, shared hosting plan is the way to go.

I typically start my sites on Namecheap‘s Stellar hosting (around $3 per month) and then migrate the sites to Cloudways once I start to build them out.

Cloudways has an easy-to-use migration tool but costs a little more than Namecheap; so if you are just testing the waters or starting out, you cannot go wrong.

Content Writing

Jasper AI

Jasper has been my best friend for the past year, and even though he has switched up his identity quite a bit, our friendship has prevailed.

As an author, I can tell you firsthand, that working with AI, being creative, and learning how to get the best out of it(๐Ÿ’Ž) – is a worthwhile investment.

While Jasper is an all-around writing tool and not solely geared towards writing blog posts, Outranking combines SERP analysis with AI content writing which allows you to gather and create both factual and competitive articles.

(To get the same output out of Jasper, you would need to use it in conjunction with Surfer SEO, which I do not use. )

You can use this to build powerful outlines by combining the different H2s and H3s the top sites for your desired keyword are targeting. Using the AI functionality, you can then summarize the heading or let the AI assist you with writing an informed paragraph.

If I do not plan on writing the article myself, I have a very good rough draft or outline to give to one of my writers and know that they hit all the main topics and elements.

Another similar tool is Scalenut.


I don’t know what I would do without Grammarly. I use it for both grammar-checking and plagiarism checking articles I get back from my writers.

Keyword Research

Keywords Everywhere

A free Google Chrome (and Firefox) extension tool (though I do but the $10 – 100,000 credit package) . I love this little tool and Google results look so odd and bare without it. Strange to think that people search the internet and don’t know the monthly search volume of any given keyword… how weird.

This doesn’t just work on Google, though. Amazon, Youtube, and a number of other search engines – use it how you will.

Keyword Sheeter

This free tool just spits out Google Autosuggest keywords, so cool if you are using a tool like Bulk Publishing to generate content at scale.


This has fast-become my new favourite tool. It is becoming the swiss-army knife of keyword research. It also helps you find low competition and opportunities within your niche.


Link Whisper

Technically not “link building” per se, as Linkwhisper is for internal links and not backlinks, but nonetheless…

There are a few others I have tried, but nothing is touching Link Whisper in what it does. It seems to just get better with each update. If you have hundreds of posts and want to go through and add more internal links, this is going to take a lot of time, or, you will need to hire somebody to do it.

Link Whisper actually analyzes all of your posts and makes internal link suggestions. You can also use it to interlink your silo posts as it now has the option to only display suggestions from within the same category of using the same tags as the post you want to link to/from.


Scaling Up


You can use Fiverr to hire freelancers for just about anything. Digital product solutions, thumbnails/post images, app creation, etc. It’s quick, easy and painless as you can find an existing gig, pay, provide the details for the project and wait.

You don’t have to do all the back and forth of project discussions and negotiation like you do on other platforms (Ahem! Upwork…which I do love, but still…)

Hire Writers

I have had a lot of content for Site 3 written via Hire Writers and I used it up until I found my footing on Upwork, developed my templates, and started building a team.

It is good when you want to order a batch of articles but do not want to go through the back and forth and relationship-building on a platform like Upwork.

They have a few different price points including the cheap and cheerful option. That being said, you get what you pay for!

Writer Access


I hire 80% of my writers on UpWork. It is easy to do so and manage everything. After they’ve done 10 or so articles for me, I bump the pay up and then we move off of UpWork, due to the fees.

They can then either invoice me by PayPal or Wise in bulk.

Online Jobs

Online Jobs is where I hired my amazing VA. It works directly with talent in the Philippines but you are not limited to virtual assistants. You can find freelancers who write, do graphic design, video editing, etc.

Just set your budget and prepare a good set of interview questions! Be sure to collect email addresses as the platform has a monthly fee.

SERP Tools

As mentioned above, Outranking covers both bases with the content writing and SERP analysis feature.


I love Thruuu for it’s ease of use. It is credit-based and has a subscription model, too. You can do everything from scrape SERP data to creating SEO outlines in bulk to give to your writers.

Stock Images & Infographics


Does anybody who makes anything online function without Canva? If so, I want to hear from you – email me and let me know what you use and why. Canva is the GOAT!

PNG Tree

Infographics and transparent PNG graphics galore.



Tailwind is great for automating Pinterest. I do not spend a lot of time on social media or growing brand awareness on social media at the moment.

In some niches, it make sense; but I would rather focus on what definitely moves the needle- content.

In saying that, Pinterest has consistently driven traffic to three of my sites and I don’t do anything on it. All thanks to automation!

Affiliate Programs

These are some of the affiliate programs I am signed up to. You will find that between them, they have programs for all the top companies.



Commission Junction

Amazon Associates



SaaS Deals

App Sumo

App Sumo is the number one place for finding discounts and deals for different services to scale your site. The caveat is, it is easy to get lost in the sauce and buy things you actually don’t need!

Use with caution!!