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January 2022 – Niche Site Income Report & What I’ve Done This Month

I will be honest, as I was adding all the numbers into the spreadsheet today, I had to pause for a minute and acknowledge that the 486 days of working early shifts, late shifts, holidays, sick days, weekends, and overtime, for free was actually starting to pay off, like, actually.

It’s weird, because I’ve been manifesting AND doing the work, and I knew I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing. But there is just something about that moment it begins to materialize. 

All you can do is catch yourself in that moment and just be. Just acknowledge it, and carry on.

So here we are. 

January has presented a great start to the year. Let’s dive into the portfolio earnings and what I have done this month.


  • I have had enough visits and earnings this month to progress to Ezoic’s Level 2.
  • My average EPMV has decreased in January to $21.75 (Down from around $24 in December)
  • Site 7 is up, however EPMV is still quite low.
  • Moved from managing writers on Plutio to just a basic Google Sheets document.
  • From Ezoic I earned $523.52 from 23,958 unique visits.
  • From Amazon I earned a combined total of $101.36
  • From digital products I made (two sites) I earned $140.10
  • From other affiliate programs (combination of ShareASale, Awin, etc. as well as niche specific programs) I earned $1349.74

Total earnings: $1,994.98 (My OCD is flaring up…)

Total spend: -$1,573 (content & Ezoic premium -only)

What Has Happened This Month…

Site 1

Age: 1 Year
Total Articles: 40
Total Word Count: 62,648
Average Article Word Count: 1,566
Page Views This Month: 1,771
Earnings: $11.53

Graph: GSC From 301 Redirect in August 2021 to January 2022

I haven’t added any new articles to this site for many months, nothing to report on but its traffic seems to have recovered from the 301 redirect and going up. I will make a content strategy at some point in the coming months for 30 articles and outsource those to one writer, giving her access to the site via her own WordPress login, so she has a bit of continuous work.

I have not set a date for when I intend to do this.

Site 2

Age: 1 Year
Total Articles: 70
Sessions This Month: 9,307
Page Views This Month: 10,818
Earnings: $1,766.68

Arielle Phoenix Site 2 GSC Screenshot - Graph: GSC January 1st 2021 - January 31st 2022
Graph: GSC January 1st 2021 – January 31st 2022

The traffic and earnings continue to grow month on month, and the EPMV of this site on its own is a staggering $34.38. It is a very fruitful site, and the affiliate programs I have on this site have proven to convert well. However, with this niche, I am struggling to find low-competition keywords.

I could probably sit down and form topic clusters, scan the forums on Reddit and Quora etc. for concepts. But it is a somewhat evergreen niche and I am happy to watch it grow and earn money that I can use to invest in my other site(s).

There were two posts sitting in draft that I went in and completed this month, and I also did some additional interlinking, that’s it.

January Vs. December

Arielle Phoenix Site 2 - Google Analytics January Vs. December

Site 3

Age: 1 Year 1 Month
Total Articles: 79
Page Views This Month: 3,297
Earnings: $63.54

Arielle Phoenix Site 3 GSC Screenshot - Graph: GSC January 1st 2021 - January 31st 2022
Graph: GSC January 1st, 2021 – January 31st, 2022

This month, I added 5 articles that were similar to the top-performing articles on this site. I already had them on my article hitlist and hammered those out myself. Took no time at all using my good friend Jasper (learn all about how I get high-quality output from AI writing tools)

January Vs. December

Arielle Phoenix Site 3 - Google Analytics January Vs. December

Site 4

Age: 7 Months
Total Articles: 116
Total Word Count: 139,232
Average Article Word Count: 1200
Page Views This Month:
Earnings: $53.59

Graph: GSC June 2021 – January 2022

January Vs. December

Arielle Phoenix Site 4 - Google Analytics January Vs. December

I have no plans to do anything additional to this site for now. It has an active Pinterest page where all the articles have 5-10 pins that had been published using an automated service over the past year so it continues to get both organic and Pinterest traffic.

Site 5:

Total Articles: 18
Total Word Count:
Average Article Word Count:
Page Views:

Site 6

Age: 5 Months
Total Articles: 65
Total Word Count: 60,913
Average Article Word Count: 937
Page Views This Month: 277
Earnings: $2.79

Graph: August 2021 – January 2022

This site was a case study (as if I needed any more…). I have temporarily abandoned it and I am not actively adding articles to it but I have the keywords ready and waiting, hundreds of them!

When I have spare resources I will action those to a handful of writer and do a huge content push (50-100 articles in a couple of months) and get this site to around 150 posts then let it grow.

I am building this one to sell, so it has been positioned this way from the start. It has the potential to be bigger than site 4. However, more love and care has gone into Site 4.

January Vs. December

Arielle Phoenix Site 6 - Google Analytics January Vs. December

If you look at December 2021, you can see that this site is growing, not stagnant and getting a little consistent traffic. Once I do add those articles and round it off to 150 posts along with some buyer-intent keywords, it will be a solid site to flip!

Site 7

Age:5 Months
Total Articles: 200 Sessions This Month: 3,562
Page Views This Month: 4,371
Earnings: $99.64

Graph: August 2021 – January 2022

January Vs. December

Arielle Phoenix Site 7 - Google Analytics January Vs. December
More red than any of my other sites…hmm.

This month, I have increased my total articles from 152 to 200, and I am hoping to keep a steady rate of 25-30 articles per month.

I will not go into too much depth about this site’s growth as going forwards I will be detailing the entire progress on Niche Site Project with a podcast, Youtube video, AND, blog report – so you can follow along with exactly what I am doing to grow this site there.

My Thoughts

Seeing how well Site 2 is doing I did have second thoughts about whether or not I should just focus on growing it out or continue on with Site 7. Site 2 has not had any real attention since the start of 2021, when most of the articles were added.

At that time I did not know what I know now about keyword research and thus, simply targeted “Google Auto Suggest”, People Also Ask, and a few KGR keywords as it was around that time I discovered Doug Cunnington’s Youtube channel and started implementing that method.

A few tools and sites later, I know a little bit more and could go back in and build out some topic clusters to really zero in on what is working.

But I have committed to riding out this wave that site 7 is on and seeing what happens.
All in all, this is precisely why I have a portfolio of sites and not just a single site… exciting times! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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