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March 2022 Niche Site Portfolio Income Report

I will keep this one short and sweet. I slammed my finger in the car door the other day and typing is not very enjoyable right now ๐Ÿ™

Let’s get straight into it and see what March had to offer!


  • The overall Portfolio EPMV continues to drop. $17.94 (Down from $20.35 in February) (Down from around $22 in January)
  • From Ezoic I earned $592.02 ($34.61 more than last month) from 32,997 Unique visits (5,611 more than last month).
  • 40,067 Total Pageviews.
  • From Amazon, I earned a combined total of $173.39
  • From my own digital products, I earned $30.67
  • From other affiliate programs (combination of ShareASale, Awin, etc., as well as niche-specific programs) I earned $213.97

*Despite EPMV dropping each month, overall Ezoic earnings are still rising as the traffic is rising. The key takeaway here is to keep publishing and work on increasing traffic! It is the only thing you can control.

Total earnings: $1,010.05

Total spend: -$767

Total spend includes content, hosting, virtual assistant fees, a new theme, and Ezoic Premium fees.

What Has Happened This Month…

Site 1

Age: 1 Year+
Total Articles: 40 (0)
Total Word Count: 62,648 (0)
Average Article Word Count: 1,566 (0)

No new content added.

Site 2

Age: 1 Year +
Total Articles: 115
Total Word Count:
AverAverage Article Word Count:

45 New articles were added.

Site 3

GSC Site 3 March Income Report (Last 6 months)

Age: 1 Year+
Total Articles: 79

No new content added. It looks like this site is starting to take off…and has crossed $100 per month, too.

Site 4

GSC Site 4 March Income Report (last 6 months)

Age: 9 Months
Total Articles: 116
Total Word Count: 139,232
Average Article Word Count: 1200

No new content added.

Site 5:

Total Articles:
Total Word Count:
Average Article Word Count:
Page Views:

Site 6

Age: 6 Months
Total Articles: 65
Total Word Count: 60,913
Average Article Word Count: 937

Nothing to report as far as content or plans for now.

Site 7

GSC Site 7 March Income Report (last 6 months)

Age: 7 Months

This site is part of a case study I’ve been working on with Doug, over at Niche Site Project.

So, for the full rundown on everything I have been doing to grow it out and what the future of this project is; check out our video below and the February 2022 Income Report.

I also wanted to add this, as it is the end of Q1! Hooray…

These are my Q1 Amazon earnings, I can see an upward movement here:

My Thoughts

I am focussed on growing out site 2 for now. My immediate goal is 200 posts which I have set the ambitious goal at reaching by the next income report!

The keywords are there, I just need to hire some more writers.

Site 7 is still a success to me, despite my plans for it to be primarily monetized by ad revenue falling through. The site’s Amazon revenue continues to grow month-on-month, and as Doug has mentioned, there is still more opportunity to further monetize it by going directly to the brands and product manufacturers in the niche.

For now, I will sit on it and watch what it does!

My plan is still to build Site 7 to sell, so I probably won’t leave it too long before going back in with more content.

I want all of my sites to be earning the bulk of their income from display ads because although Amazon is great, they are known to switch things up on us affiliates often! I am using the premium display ad network, Ezoic. If you have a blog and want to improve your earnings, I definitely recommend giving them a go!

What I Am Doing At The Moment

Hiring More Writers

I am preparing to hire another two writers. My templates have made hiring super easy. It is a breeze and something I actually enjoy doing!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

I have hired (and fired) a virtual assistant via Online Jobs. She started off great and then began being inconsistent so I am now onboarding another. It is a shame, as it takes time to hire a VA and get them all set up.

Onboarding Documents & Training

I am glad I now have all the training material I need for the new VA and any future hires.

The training documents have been pretty straightforward to do, but they are time-consuming as I am still doing these day-to-day tasks.

I go about my day, and then start writing a script and bullet points of what I am doing on a specific task and use QuickTime Player to screen record. I then record the audio of the notes separately, sync them up with the video, and, voila!

Again, huge upfront workload, but man, does it feel good being organized and having a whole folder full of documents and videos of exactly how I do things.

For ages, I have said that I need to replicate myself and now I am. It is a scary thought at first and one that holds many people back from expanding their business. If this is you; two life-changing books come to mind:

  1. Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris
  2. Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

Tim talks about outsourcing pretty much everything that can be outsourced – this book helped me scale up by hiring more writers.

Robert talks about the different ways in which we make money; as an employee, self-employed, business owner, and finally, an investor. If you really want to go from being self-employed to a business owner, you are going to need to make that shift!


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