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October 2021 Niche Site Income Report (7 Sites 12 Months!)

November 2021 Niche Site Income Report & Plans Going Forward

So, November has been a hectic month and I wasn’t sure I was even going to write this site portfolio update. But, in the name of consistency – here I am.

Here is the YouTube video of this income report – if you aren’t interested in details:

This month I’ve uprooted and moved my family to an entirely new city, so we’ve been getting settled in our new home. The broadband only showed up on the 8th of December so for two weeks I was tethering from my mobile network. It wasn’t ideal, but I did what I had to to stay connected to my writers and delegate everything that needed to be done.

This is where having a team comes in handy. Even when you are occupied by life, you can still get done what you need to. So this month, I did actually hit and exceed my post targets!

I said on the last update that I would be focussing more on Site 7, the last site added to my portfolio. So far I am very impressed with the growth of this site in the three short months it has existed.

By the end of November, it had a total of 120 posts on it with 90% of that being informational posts. I will go into more depth on the interesting stats of this site later.


  • I hit 100+ posts on Site 7
  • I levelled up on Ezoic with over 10k sessions per month
  • I created templates for hiring, post-writing and, formatting which has improved productivity and reduced time editing.

November 2021 Niche Site Income Report

Site 1

I haven’t added any new content to this site and do not plan to add anything for the foreseeable future. Honestly, there are much better sites in my portfolio to focus on – this is why I am not necessarily an advocate for “choose one thing and stick at it”.

The thing you decide to put all your efforts into needs to be a solid and promising thing to begin with. And when you are new to creating niche sites, the first project may not necessarily be the best thing you can build out.

The more I learned, the more inclined I was to learn more. And with that, I have learned more about different niches and opportunities to monetize.

That isn’t to say this site is a lost cause or that I can’t go back and improve it – I fully intend to build all of my sites out eventually.

No new posts were added this month.

The posts are mostly informational and I would say only a handful of them really target any keywords. The site is growing because it fills a void and the social pages are growing daily.

November 2021 Niche Site Income Report
Site 1 – November 2021 Pageviews

For November, the views and sessions are down because the site has been nestling into a change of domain name. I did a 301 redirect from the old URL and Google is now starting to recognize the new page and give it traffic again (these numbers improve in December, as does the atrocious EPMV!)

Site 2

Registered at the end of October 2020, this is currently my best-performing site on Ezoic with an average EPMV in November of $25.77. This site does not have many Amazon products to promote but I suspect if I dig a little deeper, I will be able to find more courses. I have managed to further monetize it with my own digital products, which have been selling consistently since introducing them.

This is also the first site that I have ever successfully made a sale through Click Bank! Crazy, Click Bank landing pages look so spammy and 2003 that I never expect any sales from those links.

Nonetheless, I know many people who make a lot of money from Click Bank, so I held I did leave a little bait – and whaddayaknow, it worked!

No new posts were added this month.
Site 2 – November 2021 Unique Pageviews

This is a working machine that will continue to do well once given more attention. This site will be the first one I return to, to pump with content once I achieve my post goals on Sites 7 and 3.

Despite not having many products, applying the system I have developed for Site 7 and 3, it will benefit from a growing EPMV and more traffic!

Site 2 November 2021 Earnings:

Digital Products$29.20
Other Affiliates $31.32
Click Bank$13.73

Below is Site 2’s Ezoic earnings and stats for the past three months:

MonthVisits (not views)Ezoic AdsEPMV
2021-11 (Nov)5,725$147.54$25.77
2021-10 (Oct)4,881$123.26$25.25
2021-09 (Sep)2,899$75.25$25.96

Site 3

I started this site on the 26th of December 2020 and put my first piece of content up in January 2021. My keyword method was mainly Google Alphabet Soup and KGR.

TotalTotal WordsAverage Length
+8 Posts Added In November
+11,400 Words
1,425 Average Length (of the 8 new posts)
(At the time of writing, the site has 74 posts however, this income report is late so I have to report based on the stats at the end of November 2021)
From almost giving up on this site in June 2021 when that Origin Error came in like a hurricane and tested my faith… to here and now. Good stuff 🙂

Site 3 November 2021 Earnings:

Digital Products0
No sales of my digital product this month 🙁

Below is Site 3’s Ezoic earnings and stats for the past three months:

MonthVisits (not views)Ezoic AdsEPMV
2021-11 (Nov)1,770$24.93$14.08
2021-10 (Oct)1,368$9.79$7.16
2021-09 (Sep)816$6.17$7.56
Thank god the EPMV is beginning to improve…

Site 4

This domain was previously registered. I am not aware of any penalties on this domain, no good backlinks or anything like that but it did have a bit of a presence on some forums.

Last month…

Last month (October 2021)


This month!

Impressions and clicks have almost doubled!
Only added 3 new posts and all were just under 1000 words.

I have had a really good writer on this site who has contributed around 20 articles to it. I have written most of the content for this site myself, however, but the writer I have is an expert in the field.

Site 4 November 2021 Earnings:


Below is Site 4’s Ezoic earnings and stats for the past three months:

MonthVisits (not views)Ezoic AdsEPMV
2021-11 (Nov)1,291$8.45$6.55
2021-10 (Oct)804$3.32$4.13
2021-09 (Sep)456$1.06$2.32
The EPMV is slowly improving but still nothing to write home about. Nonetheless, I see consistent growth here and that is the main thing!

Site 5 – Women’s Health YMYL?

This is my smallest site, with 14 posts on it. As mentioned in the October 2021 Income Report I am going to stop reporting on it for a while as the site has recently changed domains and has undergone a 301 redirect to try to rebrand it and make it less YMYL.

This way, I can still cover many of the subjects I have without the URL triggering any concerns with Google.

Site 5 October 2021 Earnings:


Site 6

This site was supposed to be a case study, and as such – the content is not to the same standard as my other sites. I have not paid for any of this content and all keywords targeted are ultra-low-competition, KGR terms.


It is just over 3 months old. Not doing much and has not earned anything:

I do intent on pumping content onto this in the new year, and continuing this as a solid site. I want it in good shape so I can sell it on in a couple of years.

Site 6 November 2021 Earnings:


Site 7

Now, this site – my darling!

Let’s look at October’s Google Search Console stats….

Now, let’s look at November’s stats…

I have no doubts that I will bring this site to $5,000+ a month. It just shows so much promise so I will keep doing what is working: Consistently posting quality articles for underserved keywords.

My post target for this month was to hit 100 posts – I had 71 posts on the site last. month so only needed another 29 posts. I exceeded that target by 20 posts as I hired more writers. So I managed to add 49 posts to this site in November.

Even more posts have been added in December!

Additionally, according to Ahrefs, each day more keywords rank in the top 10 positions.

Site 7 November 2021 Earnings:

Digital Products$5.45
The EPMV in November was $5.27 but it is going up month on month.

Total Earnings This Month


$66.44 more than October 2021 which had a total earning of $226.58

Total Spend On Content This Month

$460 – Outsourced

Conclusion: Goals For December 2021

My earnings are a little higher than I initially posted in the video as I do not tend to log into smaller affiliate programs until it is time to do these reports (and spreadsheets).

I didn’t double my earnings this month as I had hoped but nonetheless, we move. I did indeed step into Level 1 of Ezoic’s Level Up Program, which is awesome and I have now been invited to Ezoic Premium so this will be reflected in December’s report.

My third goal for November was to hit 100 posts on Site 7 – which I did.

My Goals For Next Month:

I do not have any specific goals for December, (mostly because at the time of publishing this there are only 10 days left in December) but I do intend to keep on hitting publish on Site 3 and Site 7 for the foreseeable future.

I am racing to 100 posts on Site 3 and 200 posts on Site 7.


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