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October 2021 Niche Site Income Report (7 Sites 12 Months!)

October 2021 Niche Site Income Report (7 Sites 12 Months!)

The last 12 months have been intense, to say the least. And, on top of starting all of these sites and trying to ensure my Shiny Object Syndrome is not to my detriment – for some reason I also decided to start a personal-ish blog to track all of this and share it.

I must be crazy…

I promised that the Youtube videos would be short, concise, and to the point (as I have a tendency to ramble) and that the blog posts would go into detail for anybody in the starting phase or at a similar position to me.

I also want to look back at these in the years to come and smile a little bigger than in the thumbnails.

Without giving away too many sensitive details, I will just break down individual site earnings as best as I can.

October 2021 Niche Site Income Report

Site 1

This site is just over a year old, but as I mentioned in the video, this site was sort of a false start. I had registered the domain as a personal project and then I was introduced to Income School and whilst learning, I started shifting the content to fit the Income School model and then I just slowed down with updating it and moved on to a more suitable project.


The posts are mostly informational and I would say only a handful of them really target any keywords. The site is growing because it fills a void and the social pages are growing daily.

Site 1 - October 2021 Unique Pageviews
Site 1 – October 2021 Unique Pageviews

Site 1 October 2021 Earnings:


During this month, I also did a URL change and 301 redirected the entire site to a new domain, this went quite smoothly and it is all starting to pick up in Google Search Console again. However, I do not intend on adding a huge amount of content to this site and, will likely just add some more buyer’s keyword posts while improving existing articles.

The EPMV on this site is atrociously low but I suspect that is due to the site name change this month.

Site 2

This site is also a year old, registered at the end of October 2020. It is doing well on Ezoic with an average EPMV of around $22. However, it doesn’t really have many products to promote. I have managed to further monetize it with my own digital products, though which looks promising.

Ugh! Need to add two posts to make that 70 in total and cross the 100k word mark; my OCD is flaring up!
Site 2 - October 2021 Unique Pageviews
Site 2 – October 2021 Unique Pageviews

Site 2 October 2021 Earnings:

Digital Products$26.54
Other Affiliates $31.92

I realize that I should have been showing the previous month’s earnings for all of this to show the growth to this point so will try to do this going forward.

Below is Site 2’s Ezoic earnings and stats for the past three months:

MonthVisits (not views)Ezoic AdsEPMV
2021-10 (Oct)4,881$123.26$25.25
2021-09 (Sep)2,899$75.25$25.96
2021-08 (Aug)2,195$45.19$20.59
We have lift-off!

Site 3

I started this site on the 26th December 2020 (it was the day after Christmas…I remember, lol) and put my first piece of content up in January 2021. So, it is around 10 months old. My keyword method was mainly Google Alphabet Soup and KGR.


It just seems to be emerging from the Google Sandbox…

A visual representation of Origin Errors and being demotivated to fix the issue.

Last week I shared this Youtube post, about my lowest point in the last 12 months. It was around this time Ezoic allowed us, little guys, to sign up and I was so excited to throw my sites on. In hindsight, when I got the origin error and my site’s homepage was stuck in a redirect loop, I should have just taken the ads off altogether until I figured it out.

But nonetheless, I share this to show the growth, and also how the site just picked up where it left off and is still on it’s way up! Had I given up, I would not have gotten to see this.

Site 3 October 2021 Earnings:

Digital Products$15

Below is Site 3’s Ezoic earnings and stats for the past three months:

MonthVisits (not views)Ezoic AdsEPMV
2021-10 (Oct)1,368$9.79$7.16
2021-09 (Sep)816$6.17$7.56
2021-08 (Aug)671$4.41$6.57
Another atrocious EPMV which I hope will rise as the AI learns the site.

Site 4

5 months old. After month one, I learned that this domain was previously registered. I am not aware of any penalties on this domain, no good backlinks or anything like that but it did have a bit of a presence on some forums.

Lift off!

All in all, I have put a lot into this site and still have a really good writer adding a few articles a month. I have no intention of stopping content altogether as I plan on selling this one in the future, too. It has sort of been packaged to sell from the beginning.

Site 4 October 2021 Earnings:


Below is Site 4’s Ezoic earnings and stats for the past three months:

MonthVisits (not views)Ezoic AdsEPMV
2021-10 (Oct)804$3.32$4.13
2021-09 (Sep)456$1.06$2.32
2021-08 (Aug)222$0.49$2.21
These EPMVs really have to improve, man… I am sure they will!

Site 5 – Women’s Health YMYL?

This is my smallest site, with 14 posts on it. I am going to stop reporting on it for a while as I am currently changing the domain and doing a 301 redirect to try to rebrand it. I want it to be less YMYL and thus will angle it more towards women’s beauty.

I can still cover many of the subjects I have this way, but the URL will not trigger any concerns with Google.

Site 5 October 2021 Earnings:


Site 6

This site was supposed to be a case study, and as such – the content is not to the same standard as my other sites. I have not paid for any of this content and all keywords targeted are ultra-low-competition, KGR terms.


It is just over 2 months old. Not doing much and has not earned anything:

I do intent on pumping content onto this once I hit 100 posts on Site 7 and continuing this as a solid site. I want it in good shape so I can sell it on in a year or two.

Site 6 October 2021 Earnings:


Site 7

This site is only two months old! Not an aged domain, either.

I am pouring around 80% of my everything into this site. It has SO much potential and I am beyond excited about it and its traction in these early days. This was my hidden gem and I am trying out a monetization model that I can go back and replicate on the other sites if it goes well.

On the record, I am going to say this site will be earning $5,000 a month – mark my words (or check back in a year and see how close it is – I might start to include a fancy scale graphic in these posts… maybe) But for now, let’s get it to $1,000 shall we?

Cracking on with content!

Hoping to hit 100 articles on this one soon and if all goes well, quite a bit beyond that… They are mostly informational but there is a lot of opportunities to promote affiliate products.

Site 7 October 2021 Earnings:

Digital Products$9.17

Total Earnings This Month


Total Spend On Content This Month

I will not break this down for each site, that is just long and unnecessary.

$520.16 – Outsourced

Conclusion: Goals For November 2021

My earnings are a little higher than I initially posted in the video as I only included Amazon and Ezoic pretty much. But as I am doing my accounting and writing this post, I have taken every dollar into consideration from digital products and other affiliate programs I do not typically log into and check!

My Goals For Next Month:

  • Double Earnings and Page Visits
  • Finally step into Level 1 of Ezoic’s Level up program (missed it by 1000 visits this month)
  • Hit 100+ posts on Site 7


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  1. WOW. This is a great income report. Very detailed and looks like you have a few young sites that will provide some good income for you over the next few years.
    Keep up the good work!

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