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March 2023 Niche Site Income Report

It’s been a while since I did an income report! Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the number of sites I’m tracking and, at the time, I was only working on a handful, so it was a bit of a drag pulling up data on static sites.

I’m jumping back in the income reports, but following the growth of one site at a time. My aim here, is to both document and provide as much value as possible.

Particularly to anybody with a site in their portfolio that looks to be at a similar level.

The site I’m focusing on is Site 2.

site 2 ezoic growth

This is a hobby site that has very little Amazon affiliate potential but it has other SaaS potential and digital product potential.

In fact, I’m sitting on a whole course that would take this site to a whole ‘nother level.

But you know how it goes, only so many hours in the day, shiny-object-syndrome, bla bla bla.

Site 2 Stats: Let’s Get Down To The Numbers!

In all truth, I should have poured so much more into this site from the start. The EPMV has always made me smile.

If you followed my journey with Doug Cunnington (Niche Site Project), you would know this was the aim. To focus on this one site and tame my shiny object syndrome!

All things work out how they are supposed to, but I won’t sleep on the potential of this site any longer.

March Earnings 🤑

Ezoic Ad Earnings: $771.17

Affiliate Earnings:
Impact – £50.62 ($62.49)
Niche Specific Affiliate Program – $284.20
Awin – £84.26 ($104.02) (mostly from Fiverr)

Digital Product Sales:


March Traffic 🚦

Visits: 24,499

Pageviews: 32,400

The Perfect Growth Project

I think this site is the perfect project – it’s a decent little site, the content is mostly written by me and one other writer, and it has been hit by an update and recovered!

I haven’t been updating or adding content, and it’s really over due.

The site has 250 articles on it, around 1500-2500 words long, and I’ve been debating on whether or not to add some bulk published articles to it.

Mainly because it would change the whole vibe and tone of the site. Yes, my traffic would go up but I always wanted to build a personal brand with this site and keep with the hobby-blogger angle. 

It’s the only site I’ve got that has that.

Turns out, I just wasn’t being creative- of course I can bulk publish on this site AND keep the hobby-blogger vibe.

Bulk Publishing isn’t about any specific type of keyword (common misconception). That’s my fault, I introduced it to the world by demonstrating the brand-swapping/variation concept. 

That’s just one method.

All I had to do was spend some more time playing around with keywords, autosuggest and topic cluster ideas! 

I swear, a few minutes playing around in autosuggest and I had opened Pandora’s box! 

My Game Plan For Site 2

Bulk Publishing 60 New Articles

I have 60 articles planned out. They are listicles and using bulk publishing to generate the first draft will be a solid start and structure for them.

I am going to create some highly detailed prompts and then edit and internally link them myself. They do not require much research, they aren’t articles that can be factually incorrect, if that makes sense. GPT is well within it’s right to go crazy on these – I will tame them and plump them up 😊

HARO Link-Building

I am training my VAs up on HARO outreach using this. The last time I did it, I got some solid, high DA links effortlessly. I have been dragging my feet with going full force.

There is also a HARO agency I am going to try out. I’ve spoken to the agency owner, and he offers a great deal – I will only share it once I’ve got some of my own feedback on it, however.

YouTube (EEAT-Building)

YouTube is so underrated. Of course, it depends on the niche, but if you notice your competitors killing it on Youtube (and even if they aren’t!) you need to be on there.

The best part about YouTube, is the same keyword research/content creation thing we do with sites, we can do with YouTube!

In fact, I use Keywords Everywhere on YouTube for this reason. I try and find video keywords that align with the content, and then produce a video for that. So it isn’t the exact same content, but once linked and embedded, they add value to each other.

That’s it! That is what I am going to be focusing on with this site. Hopefully it isn’t too much to stick to while balancing all the other balls and spinning plates 😮‍💨

That’s what makes income reports awesome accountability tools, though!

Until next month…


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